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Success Stories

Forest Walking
Jocelyn Saved My Life

My whole life I never felt well. No medical doctor ever took the time to take care of me. I am now Brave and Strong. I am eating whole foods. Supplements are working for me.  I lost 20 lbs. That is why I keep coming back.


Eczema Breakout

I came to Jocelyn with lots of discomfort from a Steroid Induced Dermatitis Flare. I have had eczema all of my life and was prescribed steroid for over 50 years. My condition at this time entailed a severe rash and swelling from head to foot. My body was on fire. After the first appointment, I could tell the heat was subsiding.  I have had two more appointments and my skin is nearly back to its normal state for a person with eczema.  Jocelyn has been a wonderful support and has been very kind to me in my condition.  


My kid is sleeping 

This is long but hopefully helps someone else believe in the benefits of these practices! Jocelyn treated me for quite a while to help with healing emotional trauma during my divorce. I experienced first-hand the emotional, mental, and physical benefits of acupuncture. Fast forward, I had not been treated by Jocelyn for quite a while but was stopping by her office to pick up supplements for my parents. She asked how I was doing, and I dumped on her how I was not great due to barely sleeping the last 4 months since my dog of 14 years suddenly passed away. I explained how since my dog’s passing my son wasn’t sleeping through the night and that I had tried special books, a nightlight, etc., but nothing worked. My son was “the perfect sleeper” since about 3 weeks old, so going through this for months was rather traumatizing. She told me that I should bring him in, and since I trusted her and had nothing to lose, I did. The first part of my son’s visit was for “emotional healing” then followed by some light acupressure. To be honest, I had not experienced nor seen this type of treatment so was skeptical but kept telling myself that I trusted her. My son didn’t sleep through the night that night, but has every night since then. He is back to “the perfect sleeper” getting 11-12 hours of uninterrupted sleep a night. I do not believe in coincidences, so I fully believe that even though I did not want to run that errand for my parents that night, I was meant to so Jocelyn could help my son heal those emotions that were interrupting his sleep.   -A.L.

More movement and less pain

Healing Path Acupuncture truly helped resolve my neck issues. The combination of acupuncture and chiropractic treatments have allowed me to once again have more movement and less pain in my neck. My neck issue was caused by an accident many years ago resulting in arthritis. I wasn’t sure acupuncture would help, but I decided to give it try. Jocelyn really knows what she’s doing and I thank her for giving me back my neck movement and decreasing my pain.


Wellness Coach

Empowered me to take action

As a medical scientist and a skeptic holistic medicine was a last resort for my unmet medical needs. Healing Path Acupuncture gave me something I never thought was possible: wellness, happiness, and empowerment. Jocelyn really listened and developed a personalized plan to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual health goals in a safe environment. The treatment plan has empowered me to take action to find and follow my healing path. The business development and mentoring you have given me has been invaluable.


Focus on the individual and whole healing concept

In a day full of deadlines, emails, spilled milk at breakfast and jeans that don't fit, (again), my time at Healing Path was always something I treasured.  My reason for approaching Healing Path was to see if the benefits of Acupuncture would reduce the Palsy like symptoms I have from a Brain tumor removal.  Although I didn't see direct results from that, I did get a positive reaction to the Acupuncture technique.  Moreover, the best part of the experience was Jocelyn.  She creates a calming atmosphere and always has a new suggestion after obvious research between weekly visits.  Jocelyn's experience and love for continued learning is what should drive you to give her a first visit.  Her focus on the individual and whole healing concept is why you will keep going back.

- S.W.

Highly Recommend

"I highly recommend Healing Path Acupuncture! I have had a variety of positive results! The pain relief is amazing. Jocelyn is kind, caring and has a heart to truly want to help you :)"
-K. R.

She knows her stuff

"Jocelyn - Has relieved my pain with her acupuncture! She knows her stuff!"


Back Pain Relieved With Gua Sha

I am an athlete. I had been experiencing back pain due to the intensity of my workouts.  Jocelyn did her magic work of guasha on my body. At first, it hurt,  but once she was done, my back was healed. It felt amazing for all the tension in my back to be relieved. If it wasn't for her, my back would still be hurting to this day!

- K. M. 

A boost to my day

"Jocelyn is wonderful. She takes the time to listen and tells you why she is doing what she is during needling, which I enjoy. Her upbeat attitude adds a good boost to my day. "

- S.W

Comforting place to heal

"Jocelyn is amazing. She has helped me with several health issues. Her space is comforting. She has great recommendations to try, I would highly recommend trying acupuncture and seeing Jocelyn."

- S.K

Remission of painful disease

"Jocelyn is very dedicated and professional. She helped me with a terrible debilitating painful disease. With her dedication, she helped me into remission. I will be forever thankful."

- K.R.

Reflexology Therapy
Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relieved With Acupuncture!

"I deal with Peripheral Neuropathy with intense pain in my feet. It had affected my life in many ways making me less active. My daughter suggested I try seeing Jocelyn at Healing Path Acupuncture. I wish I would have gone sooner! Jocelyn is amazing and very good at explaining everything. After a treatment I am PAIN FREE! I don’t know what kind of pain I would be in right now if it wouldn’t be for Jocelyn at Healing Path! I am so grateful that I have found a solution to help me deal with the pain and avoiding more pain medication. Not only do I have less pain I am sleeping better! Thank you for everything you do to help make me feel better and stay more active!" ~Cindy P.~ Practitioner Note:  Pain relief lasts for about three weeks at this time.  We are always working to get the pain relief to last longer.

Thank You
"Jocelyn, Thank you so very much for giving me a treatment for my back.  You are a pleasant, knowledgeable physician. My back was very painful, and you fixed it in only one visit! Thank you so very much"
Needles don't hurt

"I think Jocelyn is totally AMAZING!!! I enjoy just listening to her answer questions. I wish I remembered things like she does!!! She's better than google for information. It's always neat to hear what things she's gone to for further training and education. I like going just for general maintenance and health. Most of the needles I don't even feel, and there are a few that send energy ripples all through me...its the neatest sensation. We are so fortunate to have her in our area (although, I would definitely drive several hours to see her). Thank you, Jocelyn, for being so giving and wonderful!!! " -T.K

Knowledgeable and Compassionate Care

"I have been going to Jocelyn for several months now and she is excellent! She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and herbs and has given me a lot of really good advice on many aspects of my health. Her dedication to her patients is superb, I highly recommend trying acupuncture for any health issue you may be having."

 - S. N. 

Symptoms gone and not another pill
Herbal Medicine_edited.jpg

"After reaching out to Western medicine and being told to take a pill to treat my issue I contacted Jocelyn. Within the first month, my issue became manageable, six weeks later my symptoms were gone and I began the process of getting off the pills. I am happy to report my issue is resolved and I no longer am on any meds for it. I see her now approx. four times/yr as a preventive measure."


Tackling obstacles I've had for Years

I went to Jocelyn initially for help with my eyesight. She helped me tremendously with both of my eyes. One of my eyes had two surgeries and the second one didn’t turn out so good, and left me with several issues. One was that it always felt heavy and tired, all I wanted to do was sleep. After treatments with Jocelyn I have no issues with either eye nor do I feel sleepy! It’s fantastic!! While working with Jocelyn we tackled several other obstacles and pain I’ve had for years.  I no longer have these issues due to her acupuncture and holistic medicine knowledge and skills. I would recommend Jocelyn in a heartbeat!!

- E.R.

Stomach Ache
GI Issues Gone

Jocelyn is the best! Not only is she caring and willing to really listen to the health issues you have going on, she is extremely knowledgeable and will explain why the symptoms are happening and how what she does fixes it. I had battled with GI issues for two years. Wracked up thousands of dollars in medical bills just to be told they didn’t know and that it was anxiety. Jocelyn was referred to me by a friend as a last hope to regain part of my life back again and start feeling better. I was skeptical at first but after the first treatment some of my symptoms had already stopped and by the third treatment all of them had stopped. Jocelyn is my go to for all my health needs. Whether I have a cold, any new things that seem weird or just questions about how to improve my health overall. Everyone needs to see Jocelyn!! She truly is a miracle worker! Forever grateful for all that she has done for me over this year!!! - D. H.

Empowered me to take action

Pain Relief

Jocelyn Michel is extremely gifted as both an Acupuncturist and Teacher. She is devoted to her patients, and spends an incredible amount of time sharing what she is doing and what is happening physiologically during her treatment sessions. After the second treatment, I noticed remarkable relief from the pain I have been suffering. I look forward to continued pain relief, and am very grateful that I have been the beneficiary of Jocelyn’s expertise!

- N. H. 

Reduced Pain and Gained Mobility

I had been diagnosed with frozen shoulder and no medical or chiropractic treatments helped. Upon a relative's recommendation, I contacted Jocelyn regarding the matter. After examination, she recommended acupuncture treatments. Following the first treatment there was considerable improvement, reducing pain and gaining mobility. Adding nutritional supplements improved my overall health. Jocelyn is a well trained and versed professional in several fields. Her continuing education in natural health makes her well informed of the latest treatment and nutritional products available. I highly recommend her for natural healing. -S.H.

Empowered me to take action

Would Recommend Anyone Try

My husband also went helped him also and have him helpful supplements, would recommend for anyone to try is great and very helpful

-B. B.

Acupuncture close up
Jocelyn’s Caring Nature Shines Through 

Acupuncture can be a daunting thought if you’ve never tried it or spoken with someone that has. I truly enjoy my acupuncture treatments with Jocelyn!! She answers questions, provides alternatives to mainstream medications and shows compassion throughout the treatment. Once the needles have been applied, my body “goes to a place” that is the most relaxing environment I’ve ever been in. Jocelyn’s caring nature shines through – I highly recommend seeing her and explaining your issues. It is healing!!! ~M. B.

Empowered me to take action

Blessed Beyond Compare

Jocelyn listens to you - she may not have all the answers - but she is willing to get the training needed to help get the answers to help her clients - we are thrilled in the healing that is taking place in our daughter. She is NOT afraid to take the hard challenges, and learn more to help figure it out. She also when lead to will pray with our daughter and over her. We are blessed beyond compare. Thank you Jocelyn for being there and so willing to go down the rabbit trails God has lead you on to help our daughter - this is priceless!!

-R. X.W.

Acupuncture Tools_edited.jpg
Jocelyn’s Gentle and Intentional 

I met Jocelyn when I was in a lot of pain physically and mentally; she was a vital part of my healing. Her approach is gentle and intentional, she follows her intuition, and I feel like she truly cares about me and makes sure I leave feeling better and more equipped to heal. I've done acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, hypnosis, and nutritional/herbal consults with her. I like that there's such a wide variety of modalities she uses to work with each person so personally and holistically. I'm thankful I have access to these health and wellness tools! - L.L.

Empowered me to take action

Knows the Ins and Outs of the all the body

Jocelyn definitely knows the ins and outs of all the parts of the body and which ones are causing problems and different avenues to correct them!!!

She’s well-informed in her field of acupuncture!! 


Acupressure Neck Massage
Deliverance to Health

I began acupuncture some months ago to address physical and emotional concerns. One month I came in with complaints of pelvis, back, neck & jaw tension. Fascia release really improved my alignment and jaw movement along with acupuncture focal points. I was uncertain as to the effect of acupuncture until this past month. Again, pelvis alignment concerns were addressed by fascia release along with acupuncture points to the areas. My shoulders were treated with acupuncture alone which I questioned until I left. My shoulders felt incredible afterward and have continued to feel great since treatment. I had received fascia release with physical therapy years ago and felt its worth and now I have experienced the benefits of acupuncture as well. Thank you for your deliverance to health. - P.H.

Empowered me to take action

Caring, Gentle, Multifaceted Treatment Options

Joycelyn had been an integral part of my physical and emotional healing journey. I was experiencing pain and had concerns about my weight. With Jocelyn's caring, gentle, multifaceted treatment options my health has improved. Her knowledge and use of  acupuncture, craniosacral treatments and recommendations of whole food supplements have made a difference in my health. We're lucky to have such talented professional in our community!


Don't be Hesitant to Give it a Try

Jocelyn is the nicest, most helpful person there is. I was initially hesitant because I didn't know if it would work. I got great results doing acupuncture and craniosacral therapy for my neck. If you are out there wondering what acupuncture or craniosacral therapy is, don't be hesitant to give it a try, it will work well. -R.S.

Empowered me to take action

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