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Holistic Therapies

All holistic forms of treatment aim to:

Relieve pain

Increase energy

Relax your body

Reduce depression

Reduce anxiety

Improve circulation

Improve respiration

Relieve Stress

Assist in injury rehabilitation 

Balance hormones

Strengthen your immune system

Prevent future illness

Helps the body process trauma

And Many More

Holistic Therapies are right for  you IF:

You have a desire to get to the root cause of your problems, especially the link between symptoms you are experiencing, your toxin levels, nutritional status, emotions and lifestyle

You know you are a human being with a symptom of dis-ease, but not that disease

You would prefer to heal yourself naturally

You have a long or complicated list of symptoms that doctors are finding hard to diagnose and treat

You are healthy right now and want to stay that way

You want support in creating and maintaining a great life and vibrant body

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How long is it going to take?

Each dot equals a visit, the closer together the dots, the more the frequent the visits.

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Relief Care

Obvious symptoms and signs

Visits are frequent to promote quick recovery

Corrective Care

Symptoms and signs disappear

Visits are less frequent and you begin to fell better

Maintenance & Wellness Care

Life is amazing, you feel great!

"Tune-ups" help maintain health &vitality

Relief Care:

needed when you have obvious symptoms and want quick relief from pain and discomfort. Your visits are frequent to promote quick recovery. Each visit builds on the previous paving the way toward eliminating the initial issue.
Corrective Care:  
symptoms are disappearing—your visits are less frequent and you are noticing how much better you feel. It is important to continue to strengthen and build support for your body to achieve a foundation for deeper healing.​
Maintenance & Wellness Care:
 you are feeling great. There may be very minor symptoms or no symptoms—visits are at least 1 time every 12 weeks to keep you strong and focus on prevention.

These steps of care can lead you on a path to a balanced, healthy, and holistic lifestyle. 

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