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Plan Your Visit

Ways you can get the most out of your treatment. 

Make sure you have filled out the appropriate paperwork and submitted it before your treatment. Paperwork is completed electronically through your patient portal. 

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Know the location of the building and where you will park. Pacific parking lot is located behind the building and offers free parking for 3 hours. 

*Healing Path Acupuncture does not validate parking. 


Avoid alcohol on days you receive acupuncture ~ before and after treatment. Insure you drink water to stay hydrated.

Refillable Water Bottle- Staying hydrated is Important

Make sure you eat your regular meals and  or have a light snack before you come in, this will keep your blood sugars stable. 

Healthy Breakfast

Wear comfortable loose loose-fitting clothing that allows access to your arms and legs. 

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Turn off your cell phone before your appointment and remove all devices and watches

Mobile Phone

Set your intention--what do you really want to receive from your visit? 


Your clarity and openness will allow you to maximize the benefits of your treatment. 

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