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You and Happy Family


What path are you on? 

Are you hurting in your body or your mind? 


Have you been everywhere and nothing seems to be helping? 


Do you have a long complicated list of symptoms aka a "hot mess" :)? 


Are you looking for ways to stay as active and independent as possible for as long as possible?

Are you already healthy and looking to maintain that health and take your health game to the next level?  


Whatever it is, you have the power now to choose the next step.


Let me help you create the path you need to get the healthy life you want.

Image by Martino Pietropoli

It all begins with a desire for change.


You share your challenges with me, along with your vision for the healthy life you want to create.  If you don't know what that looks like, we will discover that together.  Using the guidance from your inner wisdom, and proven ancient techniques, we'll create a truly unique and personalized path to health and empowerment. 

Image by Edurne Tx


Each session we have builds upon the previous session--increasing your clarity, vitality, and wellness as we go. I'll share my therapeutic framework as a teacher and facilitator.  You choose which steps are right for you. 

Stones of Meaning


As you put your roots down into the river of vital life force, your whole being begins to radiate that light and health outward.  This is not a one-time deal, this is about lasting transformation that reveals the you that feels good and enjoys life. The life you know is there --but you haven't had the time, energy, or strategy to connect with it yet. Today is the day to take that first step. 

Image by name_ gravity

With You Every Step of the Way!

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