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Global Conscious Entrepreneurs

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

It feels surreal to be a co-author in this exciting new book, Global Conscious Entrepreneurs. I've had a desire to write for years, and wanted to get my "toes in the water", so to speak, before putting together a book of my own. I was fortunate to connect with Marie Diamond, a well known Feng Shui Master, to contribute to this anthology. This is truly a global book with contributing authors from around the world. I'll be having copies available in the office, if you want me to sign one especially for you!

In my chapter, you will find out more about me, my past experiences and a synopsis of my healing journey. You will also find my top 5 most important points for moving forward on your healing journey.

I want to take a moment to discuss point number one: making a decision. That can seem trivial and may not even be recognized as a step to be taken, but it is actually the most important one. When you decide and commit to heal, nothing can stop you. When you decide, you step out of the victim role and into your personal power. The ability to choose is where all of our power comes from. The first choice we have to make is where we want to put our attention and focus. As you focus your attention on the outcome you want it gets easier and easier to make progress in that direction. This is called faith. What you believe is possible for you, is what you will create in your life.

As long as you identify yourself as weak, sick, doomed to getting a generational disease, anxious, depressed, confused, or lost, etc...your mind feels obligated to help you create these things--because that is who you are. The same is true for having an identity as someone who is well, whole, bright, bold, brilliant, and beautiful.

Not every decision is equal. There are really two decision makers in the body: the mind and the heart. The heart is far more powerful than the mind. The heart is connected to infinite possibility, love, and joy. The most powerful and active decisions you will ever make are the ones that come directly from your heart. Those are the times in your life when you have that overwhelming knowing.

You may not know this, but you have a super power. That super power is the power of choice. And you can choose what you believe with your heart. In fact, take the time, right now to drop into your heart space. Feel your heart beating. Feel the warmth in your chest. Make that connection with your heart. And with your heart---choose life and choose healing.

Do this every day for the next 3 days. Take a couple minutes, drop into your heart space and see yourself feeling well, having energy, doing the things you do when your at your best. Notice how things change for the better as you do this.

If you want to be more intentional and you enjoy guided meditation, make sure you get your free copy of my guided meditation on connecting with your inner wisdom. You have inner wisdom that will give you the guidance and direction you are seeking. Choose to connect with your internal resources of inner wisdom regularly. Join the Healing Path Acupuncture Newsletter today to receive your free copy.

Remember, I'm with you every step of the way!

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